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Most followed England Cricketers on Instagram – June 2021

Ben Stokes is the most popular English cricketer on Instagram, with more than 1.7 million followers on the platform as of 1st June 2021. He is currently ranked 30th on the list of most followed cricketers, worldwide. His fan base comprises not only England cricket lovers but also the Rajasthan Royals fans from India and when takes the field for the Northern Superchargers this summer he is likely to add a few more fans.

He is followed by Jos Buttler, Sam Curran, Joe Root, and Eoin Morgan in that order.

Delhi Capitals Stars Rule the Hearts of Fans on Facebook

Delhi Capitals Stars Rule the Hearts of Fans on Facebook

When it comes to the composition of this top-25 list in terms of IPL teams the players represent, the top two most-followed teams on social media – RCB and CSK are bound to be disappointed. Delhi Capitals, the team that has performed so well in the last three (including 2021) editions of IPL, because of their strong core of Indian players, shines in these rankings.

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