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Guanyu Zhou Followers


Player Name: Guanyu Zhou
Country: China
Team: Alfa Romeo
F1 Debut: 2022
Season Entries: 1
World Championships: 0
Championship Points (2021): 0
Championship Rank (2021): 0

Total Social Media

Followers: 237,841
Follower Growth: -
Social Media Rank: 20th


Followers: 182,819
Follower Growth: -
Instagram Rank: 20th


Followers: 55,022
Twitter Growth: -
Twitter Rank: 19th

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Guanyu Zhou Profile


Name:Guanyu Zhou
Current Team:Alfa Romeo
Previous Teams:NA
Date of Birth:30/05/1999
F1 Debut:2022
Season Entries:1
Instagram Profileguanyuzhou24
Twitter ProfileGuanyuZhou24


Guanyu Zhou is a Formula One driver from China. He made his Formula One debut in 2022.

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