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Player Name: Jeeva Kumar
Titles Won:
Team Coach: Defender, Right Cover

Total Social Media

Followers: 25,079
Follower Growth: 3.54%
Social Media Rank: 31st


Followers: 24,257
Follower Growth: 3.66%
Instagram Rank: 29th


Followers: NA
Twitter Growth: NA
Twitter Rank: NA
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Jeeva Kumar Followers on Social Media

As of 31-Dec-21, Jeeva Kumar has 25,079 followers on social media. His rank in the most popular Kabaddi Players' ranking is 31.His Instagram followers form 96.72% of his total followers. Between 15-Dec-21, and 31-Dec-21, he added 0,857 followers across the social media channels, resulting in a growth of 3.54% in his follower base.
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Jeeva Kumar Followers on Instagram

As of 31-Dec-21, Jeeva Kumar has 24,257 followers on Instagram, and he is ranked 29 among the most popular Kabaddi players on Instagram.His Instagram followers contribute 96.72% to his total social media following. Between 15-Dec-21, and 31-Dec-21, he added 0,856 followers on Instagram, resulting in a growth of 3.66% in his followers on this channel.He has posted 0,254 times on his Instagram account, and his average monthly posting frequency is 0.17 posts per month on this platform.
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Jeeva Kumar Profile


Name:Jeeva Kumar
Position:Defender, Right Cover
Team:Dabang Delhi
Previous Team:Bengal Warriors, UP Yoddha, U Mumba
Instagram Profilejeevakumar66
Facebook ProfileFacebook

Career Stats

Matches Played119
Total Points Earned241
Raid Points Per Match0.01
Not Out %100%
Total Raids4
Successful Raids %25%
No of Super Raids0
Super 10S0
Total Raid Points1
Average Raid Points / Match0.01
No of Super Tackles22
High 5S5
Total Tackle Points240
Average Successful Tackles / Match0.02
Total Tackles526
Tackles Strike Rate41%


All career stats are updated as of 31-Dec-2021.
Jeeva Kumar is a Kabaddi Player from India, who is playing for the Dabang Delhi team in the season.

Team Overview and Stats: Pro Kabaddi 

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