Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram

Ranked based on the number of followers on Instagram as of 02-Apr-2022
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Top-25 Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram

Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram

The table below presents the list of top-25 most followed cricketers on Instagram who are either playing for their national teams or are playing in one of the top T20 leagues. The ranking is updated every month, and you can visit the detailed profile of each player by clicking on their names in this list. We also compile a ranking of cricket legends who have retired from active cricket and current women cricketers.

Rank (Current)PlayerCountryFollowers (02-Apr-22)
1Virat KohliIndia188,752,139
2MS DhoniIndia37,936,456
3Rohit SharmaIndia23,292,375
4Hardik PandyaIndia20,680,049
5Suresh RainaIndia19,127,953
6KL RahulIndia11,922,621
7Shikhar DhawanIndia10,856,526
8Jasprit BumrahIndia9,552,447
9David WarnerAustralia9,095,025
10Yuzvendra ChahalIndia7,512,158
11Rishabh PantIndia6,135,797
12Shreyas IyerIndia5,919,991
13Ravindra JadejaIndia4,390,256
14Chris Gayle
West Indies4,208,499
15Ajinkya RahaneIndia4,190,975
16Mohammed ShamiIndia3,645,890
17Ravichandran AshwinIndia3,345,701
18Bhuvneshwar KumarIndia3,248,987
19Rashid KhanAfghanistan3,225,940
20Shoaib MalikPakistan3,080,368
21Steve SmithAustralia2,990,766
22Andre RussellWest Indies
23Faf du Plessis
South Africa
24Suryakumar Yadav
25Shakib Al HasanBangladesh

Ranking of Current Cricket Players that added most fans during the month ending 1 Mar 2022.

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia1,153,8400.6 %
2David WarnerAustralia666,0778.1 %
3Shikhar DhawanIndia
359,0663.5 %
4Hardik PandyaIndia355,6431.8 %
5Rohit SharmaIndia297,3591.3 %
6MS DhoniIndia296,7040.8 %
7Suresh RainaIndia274,0181.5 %
8Yuzvendra ChahalIndia
245,6433.5 %
9Rashid Khan
Afghanistan231,1437.9 %
10Suryakumar Yadav
India145,2976.3 %

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Top-10 Ranking of Most Popular Cricketer on Instagram every month

Month Ending 01 Mar 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia1,153,8400.6 %
2David WarnerAustralia666,0778.1 %
3Shikhar DhawanIndia
359,0663.5 %
4Hardik PandyaIndia355,6431.8 %
5Rohit SharmaIndia297,3591.3 %
6MS DhoniIndia296,7040.8 %
7Suresh RainaIndia274,0181.5 %
8Yuzvendra ChahalIndia
245,6433.5 %
9Rashid Khan
Afghanistan231,1437.9 %
10Suryakumar Yadav
India145,2976.3 %

Month Ending 01 Feb 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia6,006,2653.4 %
2David WarnerAustralia1,017,49614.1 %
3Shikhar DhawanIndia
599,6936.2 %
4Rohit SharmaIndia364,7221.7 %
5Ravindra Jadeja
India298,5587.6 %
6Hardik PandyaIndia235,0401.2 %
7MS DhoniIndia227,4760.6 %
8Suresh RainaIndia215,5361.2 %
9Manan Vohra
213,529181.5 %
10Shardul Thakur
India167,48915.5 %

Month Ending 01 Jan 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia6,073,0323.6 %
3Rohit SharmaIndia378,1491.7 %
4Ravindra Jadeja
India370,77710.4 %
2MS DhoniIndia323,5050.9 %
6Suresh RainaIndia208,3651.2 %
7Shreyas Iyer
India163,5273 %
5KL RahulIndia163,1251.4 %
8David Warner
102,3471.4 %
9Ravichandran Ashwin
India96,7283.1 %
10Yuzvendra ChahalIndia90,8881.3 %

Month Ending 01 Dec 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia5,818,6203.5 %
2MS DhoniIndia622,9641.7 %
3Rohit SharmaIndia340,7171.6 %
4Babar Azam
320,60521.6 %
5KL RahulIndia255,9152.3 %
6Suresh RainaIndia212,1021.2 %
7Shikhar DhawanIndia204,5162.2 %
8Shadab Khan
156,44835 %
9Hardik PandyaIndia142,4930.7 %
10Rashid Khan
138,0615.2 %

Month Ending 01 Nov 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia7,081,640
2MS DhoniIndia878,421
3Rohit SharmaIndia733,362
4AB de VilliersSouth Africa432,860
5Suresh RainaIndia357,954
6Ruturaj GaikwadIndia326,479
7Babar Azam
8Hardik PandyaIndia292,381
9Mohammed Shami
10Shikhar DhawanIndia257,885

Month Ending 01 Oct 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia7,966,412
2MS DhoniIndia498,480
3Rohit SharmaIndia403,664
4Shikhar DhawanIndia380,183
5AB de VilliersSouth Africa348,723
6Suresh RainaIndia327,263
7Ruturaj GaikwadIndia245,084
8Jasprit BumrahIndia189,710
9Hardik PandyaIndia188,662
10KL RahulIndia139,456

Month Ending 01 Sep 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia9,627,146
2Rohit SharmaIndia415,704
3MS DhoniIndia301,117
4AB de VilliersSouth Africa245,205
5Suresh RainaIndia230,363
6Hardik PandyaIndia161,395
7KL RahulIndia157,424
8David WarnerAustralia127,239
9Mohammed Siraj

10Rashid Khan

Month Ending 2 Aug 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia8,095,084
2MS DhoniIndia916,790
3Rohit SharmaIndia408,794
4Suresh RainaIndia366,498
5Jasprit BumrahIndia279,364
6Hardik PandyaIndia272,910
7AB de VilliersSouth Africa219,182
8KL RahulIndia204,410
9Suryakumar Yadav
10David WarnerAustralia135,350

Month Ending 1 July 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia9,088,906
2Shahid AfridiPakistan1,007,373
3Suresh RainaIndia353,810
4MS DhoniIndia352,265
5Rohit SharmaIndia324,094
6Jasprit BumrahIndia255,026
7Hardik PandyaIndia244,753
8AB de VilliersSouth Africa241,720
9KL RahulIndia185,508
10David WarnerAustralia128,510

Month Ending 1 June 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia9,672,021
2Suresh RainaIndia429,055
3Hardik PandyaIndia365,322
4Rohit SharmaIndia354,141
5Chris GayleWest Indies313,325
6AB de VilliersSouth Africa303,581
7MS DhoniIndia260,183
8Jasprit BumrahIndia253,418
9David WarnerAustralia175,622
10Shreyas IyerIndia143,478

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Why Social Media Ranking for Cricketers?

In today’s digitally connected world, when fans want to stay connected with their favorite cricketers both on and off the field, the cricketers are responding by using various social media channels to engage with their fans.

These rankings are an effort to appreciate the most followed cricketers and the bond they have with their fans by trying to look at it through some numbers and try to understand how some cricketers are using their game to build millions of unknown relationships.

We prepare the Instagram ranking of top cricket players every month and the top 50 cricketers are displayed on this page. We also try to find the trending superstars by classifying the top-10 list of players who have added maximum followers every month.

You can click on the names of the top cricketers, to visit their detailed profile pages where you can find their brief cricketing profiles, the statistics about their social media followers, and participate in interesting polls about your favorite players.

About the Most Popular Cricketer on Instagram Ranking

  • This ranking of the most popular cricketer on Instagram includes the assessment of the Instagram performance of more than 650 active cricketers from around the world.
  • These cricketers include those who are currently playing international cricket for Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies; or are playing for any franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), or the Hundred tournament.
  • New players who debut for any of the above teams are automatically included in the assessment.
  • The ranking is based on the total number of followers on Instagram for each player. 
  • The follower count of top-100 players is updated once every month, out of which the top-50 ranking is prepared. The follower count of all cricketers is updated once every three months.
  • While our team has diligently tried to capture the most pertinent social media accounts of each player (excluding any fan accounts) on a best effort basis, there might be errors in capturing account information or follower count. Please read the disclaimer for more details on this.

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