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Ranked based on the number of followers on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, as of 15-Feb-22
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Most Popular Teams on Social Media – The Hundred League

Ranking of The Hundred Teams that added most fans during the month ending 15 Feb 2022.

Most Popular Teams - The Hundred

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Please note that we capture fan data of the teams around 15th of every month.


Rank (Current)TeamFollowers
Monthly ChangeInstagram FollowersTwitter FollowersFacebook Followers
1Southern Brave18,8711.66 % 18,871
2Oval Invincibles18,4380.56 % 17,351
3Northern Superchargers17,5540.55 % 15,816
4Birmingham Phoenix16,8800.31 % 16,549
5Trent Rockets16,2730.35 % 15,532
6Manchester Originals15,5951 % 15,595
7London Spirit14,8330.55 % 14,833
8Welsh Fire1,1950.1 % 11,953

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