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Naomi Osaka Fans


Player Name: Naomi Osaka
Country: Japan
Playing Style: Right-Handed
Singles Ranking: 13
Career Titles: 7
Grand Slams: 4

Total Social Media

Followers: 4,707,681
Follower Growth: -0.26%
Social Media Rank: 2nd


Followers: 2,828,905
Follower Growth: -0.32%
Instagram Rank: 2nd


Followers: 1,174,539
Twitter Growth: -0.17%
Twitter Rank: 3rd

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Naomi Osaka Followers on Social Media

As of 28-Feb-22, Naomi Osaka has 4,707,681 followers on social media. Her rank in the most popular female tennis players' ranking is 2.His Instagram followers form 60.09% of his total followers, whereas his followers on Twitter form 24.95%.
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Naomi Osaka Followers on Instagram

As of 28-Feb-22, Naomi Osaka has 2,828,905 followers on Instagram, and she is ranked 2 among the most popular female tennis players on Instagram.His Instagram followers contribute 60.09% to her total social media following.She has posted 0,228 times on his Instagram account.
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Naomi Osaka Followers on Twitter

As of 28-Feb-22, Naomi Osaka has 1,174,539 followers on Twitter, and she is ranked 3 among the most popular female tennis players on Twitter.She has been active on Twitter since Sep-2016 and her followers on this channel contribute 24.95% to his total follower-base.She has tweeted 1,851 times on his Twitter account, and his average monthly tweeting frequency is 27.68 tweets per month.
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Naomi Osaka Profile


Name:Naomi Osaka
DOB:Oct 16, 1997
Birthplace:Osaka, Japan
Playing Style:Right-Handed
Singles Ranking:13
Website:Naomi Osaka
Instagram Profile:Instagram
Twitter Profile:Twitter
Facebook Profile:Facebook
Youtube Profile:Youtube

Career Stats

CAREER W/L254/ 139
Grand Slams CAREER W/L55/15
Grand Slams Titles4 (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018)
Australian Open2 (2021, 2019)
Roland Garros0
US Open2 (2020, 2018)
All career stats are updated as of 28-Feb-2022.

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Player statistics sourced from WTA Website

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