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Pablo Cuevas Fans


Player Name: Pablo Cuevas
Country: Argentina
Playing Style: Right-Handed, One-Handed Backhand
Pro Debut: 2004
Singles Ranking: 98
Career Titles: 6
Grand Slams: 0

Total Social Media

Followers: 209,576
Follower Growth: -
Social Media Rank: 35th


Followers: 63,185
Follower Growth: -
Instagram Rank: 49th


Followers: 104,391
Twitter Growth: -
Twitter Rank: 22nd

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Pablo Cuevas Followers on Social Media

As of 10-Feb-22, Pablo Cuevas has 209,576 followers on social media. His rank in the most popular tennis players' ranking is 35.This is an exclusive ranking published by Fan's Circle every month. His Instagram followers form 30.15% of his total followers, whereas his followers on Twitter form 49.81%.
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Pablo Cuevas Followers on Instagram

As of 10-Feb-22, Pablo Cuevas has 63,185 followers on Instagram, and he is ranked 49 among the most popular tennis players on Instagram.His Instagram followers contribute 30.15% to his total social media following.He has posted 0,259 times on his Instagram account.
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Pablo Cuevas Followers on Twitter

As of 10-Feb-22, Pablo Cuevas has 104,391 followers on Twitter, and he is ranked 22 among the most popular tennis players on Twitter.He has been active on Twitter since Jul-2010 and his followers on this channel contribute 49.81% to his total follower-base.He has tweeted 1,897 times on his Twitter account, and his average monthly tweeting frequency is 13.42 tweets per month.
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Pablo Cuevas Profile


Name:Pablo Cuevas
Birthplace:Concordia, Argentina
ResidenceSalto, Uruguay
Playing Style:Right-Handed, One-Handed Backhand
Pro Debut:2004
Singles Ranking:98
Coaches:Facundo Savio
Website:Pablo Cuevas
Instagram Profile:Instagram
Twitter Profile:Twitter
Facebook Profile:Facebook

Career Stats

CAREER W/L238-217
Grand Slams CAREER W/L24-40
ATP Masters 1000 CAREER W/L31-42
Grand Slams Titles0
Australian Open0
French Open0
US Open0


All career stats are updated as of 10-Feb-2022.

Player Overview and Stats: ATP Tour, Inc.

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