Top-25 Cricketers on Twitter

Ranked based on the number of followers on Twitter as of 02-Apr-22
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Top-25 Cricketers on Twitter

Top-25 Cricketers on Twitter

The table below presents the list of top-25 cricketers on Twitter who are either playing for their national teams or are playing in one of the top T20 leagues. The ranking is updated every month, and you can visit the detailed profile of each player by clicking on their names in this list. We also compile a ranking of cricket legends who have retired from active cricket and current women cricketers.

Rank (Current)PlayerCountryFollowers (02-Apr-22)
1Virat KohliIndia47,481,906
2Rohit SharmaIndia20,378,616
3Suresh RainaIndia19,896,967
4Ravichandran AshwinIndia10,767,335
5MS DhoniIndia8,425,209
6Hardik PandyaIndia7,537,319
7KL RahulIndia6,784,227
8Ajinkya RahaneIndia6,595,448
9Shikhar DhawanIndia6,542,633
10Chris GayleWest Indies4,891,577
11Jasprit BumrahIndia4,799,325
12Ravindra JadejaIndia4,094,409
13Shoaib Malik
14Rishabh PantIndia3,250,803
15Babar Azam
16Yuzvendra ChahalIndia3,090,995
17Mohammad AmirPakistan
18Umesh YadavIndia2,821,375
19Cheteshwar PujaraIndia2,749,045
20Bhuvneshwar KumarIndia2,730,688
21Mohammed ShamiIndia
22Wahab RiazPakistan2,635,028
23David WarnerAustralia
24Ishant SharmaIndia2,500,341
25Imad Wasim

Ranking of Current Cricket Players that added most fans during the month ending 1 Mar 2022.

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia540,6991.2 %
2Rohit SharmaIndia153,3340.8 %
3Suresh Raina
114,4760.6 %
4KL RahulIndia107,5101.6 %
5Ravindra Jadeja
India98,6302.5 %
6Babar Azam
86,1713 %
7Rashid Khan
Afghanistan72,1866.1 %
8Jasprit BumrahIndia70,9211.5 %
9Shikhar DhawanIndia68,2381.1 %
10Rishabh Pant
67,5052.2 %

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Top-10 Cricketers who added maximum fans in past months

Month Ending 01 Mar 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia540,6991.2 %
2Rohit SharmaIndia153,3340.8 %
3Suresh Raina
114,4760.6 %
4KL RahulIndia107,5101.6 %
5Ravindra Jadeja
India98,6302.5 %
6Babar Azam
86,1713 %
7Rashid Khan
Afghanistan72,1866.1 %
8Jasprit BumrahIndia70,9211.5 %
9Shikhar DhawanIndia68,2381.1 %
10Rishabh Pant
67,5052.2 %

Month Ending 01 Feb 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia654,0861.4 %
2Rohit SharmaIndia150,3180.8 %
3KL RahulIndia111,7491.7 %
4Suresh Raina
108,0570.6 %
5Babar Azam
103,3643.7 %
6Ravindra Jadeja
India89,5402.4 %
7Rishabh Pant
73,4212.4 %
8Jasprit BumrahIndia64,9781.4 %
9Shardul Thakur
India61,16613.8 %
10Shikhar DhawanIndia58,6870.9 %

Month Ending 01 Jan 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia648,8651.4 %
2Rohit SharmaIndia146,5860.7 %
3Babar Azam
120,0364.5 %
4KL RahulIndia117,4631.9 %
5Shubman Gill
India98,20623.9 %
6Suresh Raina
97,7830.5 %
7Fakhar Zaman
96,36915.2 %
8Rishabh Pant
78,2812.7 %
9Hardik Pandya
India76,9551.1 %
10Ravindra Jadeja
India75,6482 %

Month Ending 01 Dec 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers AddedMonthly Growth
1Virat KohliIndia7,519,5942.9 %
2Babar AzamPakistan
2,058,37834.9 %
3Shaheen Shah Afridi
Pakistan733,02924.5 %
4MS DhoniIndia634,6860.9 %
5Rohit SharmaIndia506,4680.8 %
6Shoaib Malik
443,0325.8 %
7Shadab Khan
432,83914.4 %
8KL Rahul
412,6301.5 %
9Suresh RainaIndia356,7330.8 %
10Rishabh Pant
334,2662.4 %

Month Ending 01 Nov 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia553,154
2Rohit SharmaIndia203,031
3Babar Azam
4Suresh RainaIndia137,313
5KL RahulIndia136,568
6Shaheen Shah AfridiPakistan
7Mohammad Hafeez
8Mohammad Amir
9Asif Ali
10Shoaib Malik

Month Ending 01 Oct 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia325,529
2Rohit SharmaIndia132,154
3KL RahulIndia98,174
4Suresh RainaIndia83,500
5Chris GayleWest Indies
6Jasprit BumrahIndia81,663
7Babar Azam


8AB de VilliersSouth Africa
9Hardik PandyaIndia77,193
10Rishabh PantIndia65,019

Month Ending 01 Sep 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia379,199
2Rohit SharmaIndia123,079
3Shikhar DhawanIndia121,139
4KL RahulIndia98,920
5Suresh RainaIndia89,129
6Ravindra Jadeja
7Rashid Khan

8Jasprit BumrahIndia63,071
9Rishabh PantIndia62,494
10Hardik PandyaIndia59,500

Month Ending 2 Aug 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia396,625
2Suresh RainaIndia130,363
3Rohit SharmaIndia116,091
4KL RahulIndia97,418
5Ravindra Jadeja
6Shikhar DhawanIndia68,871
7Hardik PandyaIndia67,358
8Rishabh PantIndia51,082
9AB de VilliersSouth Africa
10Dinesh KarthikIndia44,464

Month Ending 1 July 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia337,615
2KL RahulIndia68,462
3Rohit SharmaIndia64,989
4Jasprit BumrahIndia52,294
5Rishabh PantIndia50,563
6Hardik PandyaIndia44,693
7Dinesh KarthikIndia43,380
8Suresh RainaIndia34,327
9Shikhar DhawanIndia32,820
10Babar AzamPakistan32,507

Month Ending 1 June 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Virat KohliIndia495,685
2Suresh RainaIndia157,716
3Rohit SharmaIndia125,066
4Rishabh PantIndia102,520
5Hardik PandyaIndia100,402
6KL RahulIndia85,005
7Ravindra JadejaIndia79,931
8Jasprit BumrahIndia77,361
9Shikhar DhawanIndia60,811
10Shreyas IyerIndia56,912

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Why Social Media Ranking for Cricketers?

In today’s digitally connected world, when fans want to stay connected with their favorite cricketers both on and off the field, the cricketers are responding by using various social media channels to engage with their fans.

These rankings are an effort to appreciate the most followed cricketers and the bond they have with their fans by trying to look at it through some numbers and try to understand how some cricketers are using their game to build millions of unknown relationships.

We prepare the Instagram ranking of top cricket players every month and the top 50 cricketers are displayed on this page. We also try to find the trending superstars by classifying the top-10 list of players who have added maximum followers every month.

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About the Most Popular Cricketer on Twitter Ranking

  • This ranking of the most popular cricketer on Twitter includes the assessment of the Twitter performance of more than 650 active cricketers from around the world.
  • These cricketers include those who are currently playing international cricket for Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies; or are playing for any franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), or the Hundred tournament.
  • New players who debut for any of the above teams are automatically included in the assessment.
  • The ranking is based on the total number of followers on Twitter for each player.
  • The follower count of top-100 players is updated once every month, out of which the top-50 ranking is prepared. The follower count of all cricketers is updated once every three months.
  • While our team has diligently tried to capture the most pertinent social media accounts of each player (excluding any fan accounts) on a best effort basis, there might be errors in capturing account information or follower count. Please read the disclaimer for more details on this.

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