Top-25 Women Cricketers on Twitter

Ranked based on the number of followers on Twitter as of 11-Feb-22
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Top-25 Women Cricketers on Twitter

 Women Cricketers on Twitter

The table below presents the list of top-25 most popular women cricketers on Social Media who are either playing for their national teams or are playing in one of the top T20 leagues. The ranking is updated every month, and you can visit the detailed profile of each player by clicking on their names in this list.

Rank (Current)Rank (Previous)PlayerCountryFollowers
11Mithali RajIndia883,665871,4181.41%
22Smriti MandhanaIndia798,309787,8331.33%
33Harmanpreet KaurIndia395,651395,1420.13%
44Sana MirPakistan311,118303,4902.51%
55Danni WyattEngland222,501221,9890.23%
66Sarah TaylorEngland213,034212,0060.48%
77Veda KrishnamurthyIndia196,810195,9290.45%
88Alex HartleyEngland135,753131,5423.20%
99Bismah MaroofPakistan133,761130,4052.57%
1010Javeria KhanPakistan128,078126,7721.03%
1111Sushma Verma
1213Kainat ImtiazPakistan111,988109,0292.71%
1312Kate CrossEngland111,384110,3900.90%
1415Harleen DeolIndia90,93688,9022.29%
1514Jemimah RodriguesIndia90,14289,5020.72%
1616Shikha PandeyIndia86,03885,5900.52%
1717Alyssa HealyAustralia70,29369,0201.84%
1818Shafali VermaIndia69,56068,4511.62%
1919Ellyse PerryAustralia67,91267,0141.34%
2020Megan Schutt
2121Heather Knight
2222Tamsin BeaumontEngland60,37760,0140.60%
2323Jhulan GoswamiIndia57,75556,6561.94%
2424Deepti Sharma
2525Poonam YadavIndia43,12143,0720.11%

Ranking of Current Women Cricket Players that added most fans during the month ending 11 Feb 2022.

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Mithali RajIndia12,247
2Smriti MandhanaIndia10,476
3Sana MirPakistan
4Sarah TaylorEngland7,566
5Bismah MaroofPakistan3,356
6Kainat Imtiaz
7Harleen DeolIndia2,034
8Aliya Riaz
9Javeria KhanPakistan1,306
10Alyssa HealyAustralia1,273

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Top-10 Women Cricketers who added maximum fans in past months

Month Ending 11 Feb 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Mithali RajIndia12,247
2Smriti MandhanaIndia10,476
3Sana MirPakistan
4Sarah TaylorEngland7,566
5Bismah MaroofPakistan3,356
6Kainat Imtiaz
7Harleen DeolIndia2,034
8Aliya Riaz
9Javeria KhanPakistan1,306
10Alyssa HealyAustralia1,273

Month Ending 12 Jan 2022

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Sarah TaylorEngland7,566
2Alex HartleyEngland5,822
3Sana MirPakistan
4Mithali RajIndia4,496
5Smriti MandhanaIndia3,078
6Harleen DeolIndia2,347
7Kate CrossEngland1,679
8Jhulan GoswamiIndia1,445
9Danni WyattEngland1,327
10Kainat Imtiaz

Month Ending 13 Dec 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Mithali RajIndia11,049
2Smriti MandhanaIndia8,061
3Sana MirPakistan
4Harmanpreet KaurIndia2,113
5Alex HartleyEngland1,901
6Kainat Imtiaz
7Bismah MaroofPakistan1,570
8Sarah TaylorEngland1,501
9Kate CrossEngland1,457
10Harleen DeolIndia1,359

Month Ending 13 Nov 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Sana MirPakistan
2Smriti MandhanaIndia12,666
3Mithali RajIndia6,167
4Kate CrossEngland4,836
5Alex HartleyEngland4,711
6Bismah MaroofPakistan4,702
7Kainat Imtiaz
8Harmanpreet KaurIndia3,525
9Danni WyattEngland3,162
10Jemimah Rodrigues

Month Ending 12 Oct 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Smriti MandhanaIndia32,962
2Harleen DeolIndia9,930
3Mithali RajIndia6,652
4Alex HartleyEngland5,304
5Kate CrossEngland5,072
6Sana MirPakistan
7Harmanpreet KaurIndia3,710
8Jemimah Rodrigues
9Jhulan Goswami
10Bismah MaroofPakistan2,389

Month Ending 13 Sep 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Mithali RajIndia7,519
2Smriti MandhanaIndia7,368
3Alex HartleyEngland6,996
4Kate CrossEngland4,028
5Harleen DeolIndia3,527
6Jemimah Rodrigues
7Harmanpreet KaurIndia2,428
9Sana MirPakistan
9Sarah TaylorEngland1,948
10Deepti Sharma

Month Ending 12 Aug 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Smriti MandhanaIndia29,675
2Mithali RajIndia19,253
3Harmanpreet KaurIndia7,387
4Danni Wyatt
5Harleen DeolIndia6,416
6Jemimah Rodrigues
7Alex HartleyEngland4,880
8Kate CrossEngland4,205
9Shafali VermaIndia4,177
10Sarah Taylor

Month Ending 12 July 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Harleen DeolIndia30,143
2Smriti MandhanaIndia17,929
3Mithali RajIndia15,764
4Shafali VermaIndia11,689
5Harmanpreet KaurIndia4,827
6Alex HartleyEngland4,138
7Kate CrossEngland3,379
8Sana MirPakistan2,926
9Deepti SharmaIndia2,758
10Sneh RanaIndia2,487

Month Ending 11 June 2021

RankPlayerCountryFollowers Added
1Smriti MandhanaIndia6,130
2Mithali RajIndia2,355
3Jemimah RodriguesIndia1,439
4Harmanpreet KaurIndia1,326
5Harleen DeolIndia1,039
6Shafali VermaIndia1,012
7Ellyse PerryAustralia952
8Kainat ImtiazPakistan869
9Veda KrishnamurthyIndia866
10Jhulan GoswamiIndia635

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Top-25 Women Cricketers on Social Media

Top-25 Women Cricketers on Instagram

Top-25 Women Cricketers on Facebook

Why Social Media Ranking for Cricketers?

In today’s digitally connected world, when fans want to stay connected with their favorite cricketers both on and off the field, the cricketers are responding by using various social media channels to engage with their fans. These rankings are an effort to appreciate the most followed cricketers and the bond they have with their fans by trying to look at it through some numbers and try to understand how some cricketers are using their game to build millions of unknown relationships.

About the most popular cricketers ranking

  • The rankings include the assessment of the social media performance of more than 300 active women cricketers from around the world.
  • These cricketers include those who are currently playing international cricket for major cricket-playing nations; or are playing for any franchise in the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, or the Hundred tournament.
  • The social media channels from which followers are counted are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • The ranking is based on the total number of followers on social media for each player. This total number is the sum of followers that each player has on all the social media platforms mentioned above. This total number does not indicate unique followers as some followers would have followed a particular player on multiple platforms.
  • The follower count was last captured on the 12th of July 2021.
  • While our team has diligently tried to capture the most pertinent social media accounts of each player (excluding any fan accounts) on a best effort basis, there might be errors in capturing account information or follower count. Please read the disclaimer for more details on this.
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